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Smiley Sharing: All Things Uber, Rideshare, and Life in, around, and beyond St. Louis

Are you curious about driving for Uber in the greater St. Louis area?
Do you want an alternative to the run-of-the-mill taxi services operating in the area?
Do you have questions about ridesharing?
Would you like to know what a day as a rideshare driver looks like?
Would you like hints, tips, and tricks for both being a better driver, make more money and securing better rides?
Do you know what a five-star driver looks like?
Do you know how a driver is supposed to interact with their passengers?
Are you going to be visiting the St. Louis area?
Are you a driver looking for the best places to recommend to your passengers or to stage?
Are you new to driving and wondering what tools might make it easier and more fun?
Do you want to spend less, make, and save more money?
Do you wonder what it takes to be a part time or even a full-time rideshare driver?
Do you know the best places in St. Louis to find passengers, make recommendations, or take your vehicle in for service?

That’s why Smiling Sharing is here! We do our best to provide all the information about ridesharing in the St. Louis metro that we can find.

Smiley Sharing: The lighter side of ridesharing…and life!

Meet Smiley: Your Ridesharing, Uber, and Life in St. Louis Guide

Ridesharing St. Louis Uber

Hi, I’m Smiley! 🙂 I’m an emoji pillow that has been with an Uber driver since he began his rideshare experience. My driver’s name is Michael, and he currently drives for Uber while he is a graduate student at the University Missouri St. Louis. Uber has done well for him, so while he’s busy studying, driving, and providing all-around five-star service to everyone he meets, I’d like to positively share with you some of the stories of encounters that we have had every day. Some of these stories will be about the interesting people from all walks of life who have ridden with us, and others will be about life in general.

 Take Me With You!

I hope you know that with me you’re never riding alone and that I may bring a smile to your face. 🙂

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