Smiley Sharing: Driver Round-Up Digests

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Smiley Sharing: Driver Round Up Digests

Here at Smiley Sharing we share the lighter side of (Uber) rideshare and life in and around and beyond St. Louis through a daily journal of ride-a-long adventures of our mascot Smiley and his driver Michael. In our daily ride-a-longs, tips for riders and drivers are scattered throughout the post. Here at the Driver Round up, we gather all the tips, tricks, and answers, as applied to a Uber Driver in St. Louis, in one post a week. May this help those of you out there who are new, or even veterans to Uber St. Louis save and make more money.

Smiley Sharing: Driver Round Ups

Smiley Sharing: Driver Round Up #1

Smiley Ridesharing: Driver Round Up #2

Smiley Ridesharing: Driver Round Up #3

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I hope you know that with me you’re never riding alone and that I may bring a smile to your face. 🙂

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