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“May the road rise to meet you. The wind always be at your back. In the sunshine warm on your face. The rain fall soft on your fields And till we meet again May God hold you in the hollow of his hand.” (Thank you, Joe!)

Well, top o’ the morning to ya! This is 🙂 starting our St. Louis Uber Ridesharing St. Patrick’s Day shift.

I don’t know why am talking in an Irish accent—you can read me, not hear me!

The luck o’the Irish be with Michael and with you. We’re heading out on a 12 hour shift. It should be it should be fruitful and colorful like a box o’ Lucky Charms. As long as we have the sun on my face and the wind at my back, we shall be. (I wonder if that’s a drinking song from Ireland?) We’re up early to chase a pot of gold; it’s fitting, for without the rain, one cannot have a rainbow! I hope you find everything you’re wishing for at the end of your rainbow.

Smiley St. Louis Ridesharing: Let the Uber Day Begin

We had our first passenger not even 15 minutes after we came online and left our first staging area. That was a wonderful passenger to start the morning with. She was using Uber to get to her job as a janitor at a large local high school. One of the highlights of it was talking about Michael and his education. When Michael shared with the passenger about his education and being a licensed professional counselor it struck a chord as something that she thought she might want to do herself because she likes to talk with people, to listen, and to serve. Michael thought it was a great idea, even though he also mentioned that being the janitor was one of the most important jobs in the school, and it’s also the most underappreciated.

Smiley Riders: Kindness and Life

We found ourselves wondering who else in our lives works behind the scenes to help keep things running smoothly and comfortably every day. We encourage you to find those people and let them know how much their hard work means to you. If you’re one of those people, I want extend thanks from Michael and me.

At the end of the trip, we saw a deer. Take the time to notice the small things in life—that’s where you’ll find the energy to do your own SmileySharing.

Smiley Driver: 5 Star Do’s and Don’ts

Our next trip was a lovely long ride. Michael and I had an XL trip to the airport. Those usually have plenty of time for Michael and the riders to talk or not to talk. We’ve found that it in the morning, sometimes people are just waking up and aren’t feeling particularly chatty.

This passenger was feeling comfortable talking, though, and he let Michael know was heading on a business trip to Canada, and he had lots of bags. He mentioned that one of his biggest biggest fears is leaving something behind in a vehicle. That fear stems from a time he left his backpack in a cab in Las Vegas—he had to bribe the cabbie to bring his backpack back! What does it say about a service or industry when people share that they have to bribe people just to get back what is theirs?

On a sidenote, the passenger shared with us that he was tired because he was up packing all night because he procrastinated. Michael shared with the passenger, “Well if imagination is the largest nation in the world, then procrastination is its capital!” The passenger laughed and smiled! Mission accomplished

Smiley Drivers: 5 Star Safety

Just a reminder for your drivers out there, especially in St. Louis area: if there is a light coating of rain or moisture on the roads, give yourself a little extra room between you and the car in front of you. That light coating produces a slick surface; it takes a really good hard rain to wash off any of the oil or residual residues that often accumulate on the roadways. I’ve seen a lot of accidents riding around with Michael, and a lot of them could been avoided if we just practice little bit of defensive driving. Stay sharp and look out for each other!

Smiley Driver: Save More Money, Make MO Money!

It is always a privilege and a pleasure when I see Michael pick up a passenger that not only a passenger but also a driver. We had a nice long trip and a nice long talk with the passenger, who is a new St. Louis Uber rideshare driver. We gave him an opportunity to make himself an extra hundred dollars by using Michael’s Uber referral code.

If you have signed up as a rideshare driver recently and you didn’t use a referral code, go over to Smiley Supporting,or click on the appropriate (Uber / Lyft / Juno) link, and you will get your sign-up bonus (check to verify that the code is still valid).

Smiley Rider and Driver: Mentoring and the 5 Star Experience

Not only do you have 🙂 sharing the lighter side of ridesharing in life—we would like to give you some hints and tips at work to make you a better 5 star driver and have a 5 star Passenger rideshare experience. It will also give you a connection with Michael who has been rideshare driving for a while. He’s a firm believer that all boats rise with the tide—he’ll share with you like everything he has learned in order to help you to be successful as a rideshare driver.

Smiley Sharing Tip Prime: remember keep 🙂 sharing.

 Take Me With You!

I hope you know that with me you’re never riding alone and that I may bring a smile to your face. 🙂

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