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Smiley Sharing: Driver Round Up #3

Here at Smiley Sharing we share the lighter side of (Uber) rideshare and life in and around and beyond St. Louis through a daily journal of ride-a-long adventures of our mascot Smiley and his driver Michael. In our daily ride-a-longs, we scatter  tips for riders and drivers throughout the post. Here at the Driver Round up, we gather all the tips, tricks, and answers, as applied to a Uber Driver in St. Louis, in one post a week. May this help those of you out there who are new, or even veterans to Uber St. Louis save and make more money.

Smiley Sharing Uber St. Louis Driver Round-up: Everybody Be safe—get your rest!

Since I’m an emoji pillow, I don’t sleep, but I know humans need it to work. I want to urge all of my readers out there to take the time to get enough rest. Without enough sleep, nobody functions at their best. A normally excellent driver can become a dangerous driver when he hasn’t gotten enough sleep. A sleep deprived driver will have slower physical reaction times, and they more inclined to irritation because of tiredness.

Smiley St Louis Uber Ridesharing: Ride-a-long Tips

On a sidenote, sometimes you get a feeling in your gut that you’re in a bad place or a bad situation. It might seem weird, but pay attention to that uneasy feeling—you may be unconsciously picking up on something dangerous that hasn’t registered with your conscious mind. If you find yourself in a situation that feels unsafe, go ahead and find the quickest route out, regardless of whether it’s a social situation or a place where you feel like you’re in danger.

Smiley St Louis Mental Health & Wellness: Gratitude & Engagement

To all of our readers out there, I would like to pose a question: Do you have a partner in your life that’s invaluable to the work that you do? When’s the last time you told them, “thank you?” (Not just a generic thank you, but a thank you for specific things, such as their hard work, ideas, encouragement, strength, courage, or any of the other ways they make your life better.) I urge you as I have encouraged Michael towards gratitude for those in our lives who help make our dreams, goals, and success a reality. We need each other, because no one is truly an island. Please don’t take the helpers in your life for granted, and don’t forget to show them the same kindness you show yourself. 

Smiley St Louis Uber Ridesharing: Driver Tips

Sometimes, Michael hears complaints from passengers that Uber drivers get upset when they have to do short runs. Michael sometimes feels frustrated when he has a short run, but he always keeps in mind that this is a service and this service is to help others, regardless of the distance they need to go. Michael is there to serve them by helping them get to where they need to go safely while creating a positive and fun experience for each rider. The better the experiences riders have, the more often they’ll choose a rideshare service, and the more often they choose a rideshare service, the more often Michael will get chances to offer a service that helps pay his bills and get him through graduate school. It’s a win for everyone!

Smiley St Louis Uber Ridesharing: Drivers and Taxes

We want to share a question that came through from a new driver. The new driver asked, “How do you do your taxes, since Uber doesn’t take it out?” Michael shared with them that we use a program called “QuickBooks for the Self Employed.” It includes a real-time mileage tracking program and estimates your quarterly taxes based on income and deductions. It’s been very helpful to us, so check out the link below!  


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Smiley Sharing Driver Round Up: Self-awareness

Michael and I begin our morning by listening to a devotional podcast while we were waiting for riders. One of the main points was that we can either remain silent and be thought foolish, or we can open our mouths and remove all doubt. (Good to remember when talking about weather or politics.) A lot of people take that to mean that if we open our mouths, we’ll be proven to be foolish, but it can also mean that if we open our mouths, will prove that we’re not fools at all! The difference is having the self-awareness and wisdom to know when to speak and when to be silent. And if you choose to be silent, use your silence as an opportunity to listen and learn from others.

Smiley St Louis Uber Ridesharing: Driver Success and Planning

When you’re a rideshare driver, it’s important to look at earlier days, weeks, and months and try to spot patterns. That way, you can figure out when you have the most success and plan your shifts accordingly. It’s also important to pay attention to holidays and breaks at schools and universities, because demand usually increases during those times.

Smiley St Louis Uber Ridesharing: Drivers and Politics

One of the lessons that Michael has learned quickly is that unless your business is politics, leave your politics our of your business. A five-star ride doesn’t just include opening doors, providing water, or providing mints; it also includes an inoffensive atmosphere to keep the riders comfortable. That also includes music. Michael always asks his riders if they want music and if they do, he asks what music they prefer and plays it. Politics and religion are two subjects that can cause a five-star ride to turn sour in a hurry, so it’s best to avoid them and instead offer music or a discussion about the local weather.

Smiley St Louis Uber Ridesharing: Safety and Seatbelts

It is our hope that all drivers out there buckle up every time, encouraging their passengers to buckle up as well. (Uber requires it of drivers and passengers.) When you’re out there driving, whether you’re a professional driver or a personal driver, you’re not only placing yourself at risk when you drive without wearing your seatbelt; you’re placing the others left at risk as well.

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Smiley Driver: New Driver Referrals

It is always a privilege and a pleasure when I see Michael pick up a passenger that not only a passenger but also a driver. We had a nice long trip and a nice long talk with the passenger, who is a new St. Louis Uber rideshare driver. We gave him an opportunity to make himself an extra hundred dollars by using Michael’s Uber referral code. If you have signed up as a rideshare driver recently and you didn’t use a referral code, go over to Smiley Supporting,or click on the (Uber / Lyft / Juno) link, and you will get your sign-up bonus (check to verify that the code is still valid).

Smiley Sharing Tip Prime: remember keep 🙂 sharing.

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