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Hi 🙂 again bringing you another day in the world of St. Louis Uber ridesharing and the lighter side of life. Michael’s had a great day so far. I had the pleasure of riding along with Michael, his father Gerry, and his son Joshuah as they enjoyed pizza and a day at the Magic House, one of St. Louis’s best attractions for family. I loved being a part of their fun and family time!

Smiley Driver Mental Health and Wellness: Balance

In our last blog we spoke about the need for balance. Balance really has to deal with those who you are responsible to, such as your family, your children, and your partner. In life, ridesharing or any other work can start to take over the time you’ve meant to give to other parts of your life, such as your family or hobbies.

A lot of things in this life are not fair, but there is one thing that is fair: we all get the same amount hours in the day. The question is this: How are you going to balance the precious resource?

Smiley Ridesharing: The First Uber St. Louis Trip

After spending time with his father and son, Michael’s out on the road again will this be a wonderful or a wacky Wednesday? 

When Michael received his first ping for Uber, I noticed that the rating was a 4.5, but everyone is deserving of five-star service regardless of their rating. He takes every single ping.

This passenger was here on business from New York, and it was a nice long trip. We got into the discussion of ratings. Michael asked our passenger if people are very critical in New York, since the passenger’s rating was 4.5. The passenger wasn’t aware that his rating on Uber was that low!

Smiley Driver: How to Rate Passengers

In addition to delivering five-star service, Michael also delivers five-star ratings to every one of his passengers as often as possible (which is usually every trip!). Michael understands that his riders are the way he’s getting through grad school and enable him to pay his bills, so unless they damage the van, threaten him, or cause harm to him, Michael gives all of his riders five stars, and he asks if he’s been a five-star driver that day (and the answer is pretty much always “yes,” which makes all of us happy!).

Michael’s dad riding around with him made him remember one of his dad’s old sayings: “Sometimes you eat the bear, and other times the bear eats you.” I noticed that Michael’s energy was draining a bit and some of his conversations were feeling forced, but Michael continued to do his best to give every passenger a wonderful ride with the five-star service he prides himself on giving.

Smiley Ridesharing: Driver and Passenger Tips

While the bear was eating Michael today, he remembered another saying, “Sometimes you have to fake it to make it.” While Michael wasn’t feeling his best, he knew his passengers deserved his best, so he pushed through the feelings of exhaustion until they melted away.

Michael’s last passenger was a very interesting fellow; he didn’t receive five-star treatment from the taxi company that actually dropped him off a lot further than where he needed to go, but he got Uber, and he got Michael. It turned out our last passenger of the evening is a mechanic, and he understands the value of great service. Michael shared with him his contact information, because what rideshare driver doesn’t need an affordable honest customer centered mechanic? There will be more on him later for those of you looking for a great referral for a dependable mechanic in the greater St Louis area.

Smiley Ridesharing: Staging for another Uber Day

The takeaway for tonight is this: people know and can feel when the people who they have chosen to give their business to are either looking out just for themselves, or are genuinely interested in doing the best job possible. Though the cab driver may have made a little money tonight, that rider is going to remember how he was treated by that company. As Michael understands, it takes a long time to build a great reputation, but only an instant to lose it. In the end, what will it profit you if the people on whom you rely for income stop choosing your service because you lack integrity?
Join us tomorrow for more observations and insights from Smiley at SmileySharing.com.

 Take Me With You!

I hope you know that with me you’re never riding alone and that I may bring a smile to your face. 🙂

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