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FalconZero-F360: dual cam HD video recorder World's Fair Donut ReviewWorld's Fair Donut ReviewWorld's Fair Donut ReviewWorld's Fair Donut ReviewWorld's Fair Donut Review

TV/HDMI HD outlet/Built-in microphone/speaker function/ Supports up to 32GB HCSD card/ 3.5 inch LCD screen with auto-off feature/ Night Vision for interior clips /180° rotation wide angle lens


Michael has been waiting excitedly for his dashboard camera to arrive. Some rideshare drivers have asked, “Why do I need one of these?” I would suggest a dashboard camera to any driver, regardless of whether or not they participate in ridesharing. Accidents can and do happen, regardless of how well one drives, and without video evidence, it’s hard to prove definitively who is at fault in an accident.


FalconZero-F360: Why do I need a Dash Camera?

For those of you who are rideshare drivers, imagine that a rider has falsely accused you of wrongdoing and reported you. Or imagine that you’ve accused a rider of wrongdoing and reported them. If you have a camera, you have an unblinking witness to the truth of the situation; if you don’t, you have to rely on the powers that be to look at what evidence is available and rule accordingly. A camera may not seem necessary, but like a jacket in Missouri weather, it’s a useful bit of protection when encountering unpredictable elements.

FalconZero-F360: Installation and Recommendation



Installing the camera was easy—all Michael had to do was snap it onto his rearview mirror and plug it in to his adapter. Since the camera has been formatted and preset in its optimal settings, you can just plug it in and be on your way!

Smiley agrees with The Rideshare Guy with his conclusion that the Falcon Zero F360 is the best over all value (Read the article here: Can Dashcams Prevent Bad Passenger Behavior?). Therefore we very much recommends the  FalconZero-F360 dual cam HD video recorder for every driver out there. Be safe and be prepared!

Our consensus

Editor’s note: When Michael reached out to Falcon Zero to let them know that we would be reviewing their camera for our website, they responded to him quickly and positively. While Michael already had a great impression of their product because of the ease of installation and use, he was even more pleased by Falcon Zero’s proactive approach to customer service. We recommend them with great confidence!

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