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Smiley and the Quest for a Simple Oil Change

Routine maintenance is essential to providing consistent, reliable five-star service while driving for Uber. Because Michael likes to keep his vehicle in peak condition, we went throughout the St. Louis metro in search of a place where we could get a same-day oil change without an appointment at a reasonable price.

In his book, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey talks about the PPC (Production and Production Capacity) balance. To provide an example of PPC in his book, Covey retold the story about the goose who laid the golden eggs. The farmer tried to increase the goose’s production by cutting it open, but his imprudent action destroyed the production ability of the goose. Like the farmer, if you try to take shortcuts to increase production (such as skipping oil changes to save time and/or money), you run the risk of losing your ability to produce altogether.

That being said, it’s time to find an simple, fast, cheap same-day oil change!

St. Louis Uber Oil Change: NTB National Tire and Battery

Address: 11951 PAUL MAYER AVE
BRIDGETON, MO 63044-2634
Phone: 314-770-2288
Web: www.ntb.com

National Tire and Battery (3/5) World's Fair Donut ReviewWorld's Fair Donut ReviewWorld's Fair Donut Review

We visited NTB on a Monday morning. Rebecca had given Michael a coupon for an oil change and tire rotation for $19.88. On top of that, Uber drivers get a 10% for all parts and services at NTB.

The show room does have an open, professional, clean feel.  There are three desks in the show room, but only one service manager was present, and that person was on a call while another line was ringing. Michael waited until the service manager was free to talk, and then he asked about having his vehicle’s oil changed.

Unfortunately, NTB has an appointment system, and they don’t accept walk-ins, so they weren’t able to do our oil change. For all you Uber drivers out there, if you decide to use NTB because of the discount, be sure to make an appointment. Because NTB lacks the flexibility to take walk-ins even when they aren’t busy, we don’t recommend them, unless you have the time to schedule an appointment and the patience to wait a few days until your appointment date and time.

St. Louis Uber Oil Change: Meineke Car Care Center

Address: 11831 St. Charles Rock Road
Bridgeton, MO 63044-2611
Web: www.meineke.com

Meineke Car Care Center (4/5) World's Fair Donut ReviewWorld's Fair Donut ReviewWorld's Fair Donut ReviewWorld's Fair Donut Review

Michael used Meineke when he needed his brakes replaced, and they were fast, pleasant, and affordable, and he didn’t have to make an appointment, though brake jobs usually require one so that they can have the tools and replacement parts ready when the car pulls into the shop. Michael is hoping that he’ll have the same kind of luck with an oil change at their shop.

Unfortunately, Meineke said that they wouldn’t be able to squeeze us in for an oil change until two days from now, so we’re on the road again, looking for a same day, affordable oil change.

St. Louis Uber Oil Change: Jiffy Lube

BRIDGETON, MO 63044-2609
Phone: 314-770-0033
Web: http://stlouis.jiffylube.com

Jiffy Lube (2/5) World's Fair Donut ReviewWorld's Fair Donut Review

Our luck changed slightly when we arrived at Jiffy Lube. The sales manger said they could do it today, but they wanted $41 for it, which was twice what NTB and Meineke wanted to charge. While Michael was talking to the sales manager, he tried to upsell Michael, claiming that Michael’s vehicle required a blend of a more expensive oil than what Michael normally uses. Since Michael used sell cars for a living and used to rebuild cars for a hobby, he was already well-versed in what his vehicle needed, and he could tell that the sales manager assumed he was too naive to know better.

St. Louis Uber Oil Change: Valvoline

Address: 10448 Page Avenue
Overland, MO, 63132
Web: https://store.vioc.com

Valvoline (5/5) World's Fair Donut ReviewWorld's Fair Donut ReviewWorld's Fair Donut ReviewWorld's Fair Donut ReviewWorld's Fair Donut Review

Michael finally struck oil change at the Valvoline center on Page and Ashby. It cost $34 after the discount, but it was done expeditiously while we waited, with no hassle and no unnecessary frills. While it was more expensive than what NTB and Meineke offered, Michael got the fast, friendly, and efficient same-day service he needed to keep his vehicle in optimal working order.

Smiley Rideshare: St. Louis Uber Driver Simple Oil Change

As an Uber driver, you have a discount at NTB, Meinicke, Jiffy Lube, and Valvoline, but besides price, you have to consider convenience. We were able to get an oil change at Valvoline as a walk-in, and they did it right away. In the addition to the high price for an oil change, Jiffy Lube wanted us to leave the vehicle at their facility, and they would get to it when they could, which would have left us off the road for hours. Since Michael makes his living with his vehicle, leaving his vehicle at their shop for however-long was not a viable option. If you can make an appointment ahead of time and get a good deal, go for it, but if you need an oil change right away, Valvoline is the place you want to go.

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